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Sales, Partnership, Marketing Technology Stacks

This is a topic very close to every sales person, sales leader, sales operations or growth marketer. Getting it right streamlines workflow, increases customer acquisition and retention and ultimately drives the business forward in a scalable way without killing everyone in the process.

Counter to that, get it wrong / ignore this area at your peril.

So… what tech stack is the best? Well…. like most things, it depends on what you’re trying to achieve and at what stage you are. I’ll summarise my ideal / preferred sales tech stack for a few scenarios below.

B2B Focussed Businesses
(B2C will look very different and will be a later addition )

TechnologyEarly StageMid StageLate Stage
Data / ContactsLinkedIn Sales Navigator + LemlistCognismCognism
Customer Relationship ManagementGoogle SheetsHubspot Salesforce
Proposal ManagementTrumpetTrumpetTrumpet
Value / Proof CalculatorsConvert
Convert CalculatorConvert
Sales Outbound AutomationLemlistLemlistLemlist
Sales Performance / RecordingManual entryJimminyGong
Partner Lead ShareGoogle SheetsCrossbeamCrossbeam
Partner Relationship ManagementGoogle SheetsZinfiSalesforce
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